Prihajam iz Ljubljane, Slovenije, tukaj živim in ustvarjam. Sem plesalka in koreografinja. Svoj ples gradim okoli temelja, flamenka, katerega bogatim z različnimi znanji in idejami.


Anja Mejač learned her first dance steps already at the age of 7 in Kazina, Slovenia’s first dance school. She spent her childhood taking jazz and tap dance lessons under the guidance of acclaimed teachers and choreographers, most notably Mojca Uršič, Mitja Popovski and Mirjam Podobnik. As a member of the school’s competitive team she won many awards on national, European and World championships in show and tap dance categories. She has been acquiring her knowledge of flamenco at the established dance academy Amor de Dios in Madrid, where she has learned from world famous flamenco dancers such as Merche Esmeralda, Cristobal Reyes, Carmela Greco, Miguel Cañas, Concha Jareño, Antonio Reyes, Esperanza de la Vega and Curro de Candela.

La Rosa del Penal /  Anja Mejač, Saška Šašić La Sali

La Rosa del Penal / Anja Mejač, Saška Šašić La Sali

Besides flamenco she is also upgrading her dancing skills by taking ballet classes under the mentorship of Nadine Boisouvert, Darmaga Brown Silvia Piñar and Marinka Ribič. In November 2013 she performed in a dance show titled La Rosa del Penal, which was created in collaboration with Saška Šašić La Sali and premiered at the CIBRA Film Festival (Festival del Cine y La Palabra, La Puebla de Montalban) in Toledo. The show was presented to Slovenian audiences in February 2014 in Ljubljana’s SiTi Teater, made a guest appearance in SKC Kragujevac (Serbia) a month later and participated at the third annual Flamenco Festival Zagreb in July that same year. She is the artistic director of the multidisciplinary project titled Submerged Poetry (Potopljene poezije), which seeks to intermix various fields of artistic expression. As part of that same project she created and performed in the shows Prosto srce (Flamenco Festival Zagreb in June 2015 and Festival noči v Stari Ljubljani in August 2015) and Neiztrohnjeno srce (Slovenian National Gallery in February 2016).

Prosto srce /  Anja Mejač, Aljoša Vrščaj, Urška Jeraj, Vasja Štukelj

Prosto srce / Anja Mejač, Aljoša Vrščaj, Urška Jeraj, Vasja Štukelj

In 2015 she graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and is currently a first year Master’s degree student in the Art of Movement program under professor Tanja Zgonc at Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana.

Submerged poetry, foto:  Ajda Schmidt

Submerged poetry, foto: Ajda Schmidt