Submerged poetry is a multidisciplinary project that connects various art forms and brings new life to them.

It uses the poetry of France Prešeren, Slovenia’s greatest poet, as a link between not only contemporary flamenco and modern ballet, but also between classical and contemporary music, while its modern-day interpretation builds a bridge that connects tradition and modernity into an inseparable organic whole. 



Submerged poetry connects various art forms and brings new life to them by shaping them into an evening-length dance performance.

The dramaturgical structure of the performance encompasses the life cycle of an artistic creation, its journey through the psychic apparatus of the artist who conceives it and ultimately its path to liberty and independence. Concurrently, it also looks at that same cycle from a broader perspective and uses it as a metaphor for the life of the artist her/himself or, better yet, any human being in general. 

The full length dance performance, which is set to premiere in Dubrovnik on June 10, thus aims to create a fresh and organic art form that will blur the strict lines between dance, music, and poetry and use it as a tool to dig deeper into both our subjective and objective psyches. 

The dialogues held between flamenco and modern dance, music and the sound of poetry, and performing and visual arts all form different relationships to time and space and thus encourage members of the audience to keep adjusting their perception of the content they are receiving through the entire duration of the performance.


The project initially arose from the idea of bringing flamenco art closer to Slovenian and other European audiences. This complex and fiery Andalusian culture has yet to be thoroughly explored outside of its native country, which makes finding our own interpretation of it through connecting it to modern dance, contemporary music and Prešeren’s poems, an all the more exciting but also tough task.  

By successfully incorporating and interweaving different forms of artistic expression, the project possesses the qualities of the total artwork; it uses the differences between various artistic approaches to its advantage and thus transcends them.

Submerged poetry explores all of that through the medium of Prešeren’s poems and takes it upon itself to prove once again how universal and timeless they still are in their relevance to the modern human mind, even after almost two centuries. 

We come across all sorts of cycles in our lifetimes. Even life itself could be viewed as a cycle – its starting and ending points are birth and death which cannot be separated from one another. Each death carries a new birth within. The death of childhood bears with it the birth of adolescence; when we part with it we enter the world of adulthood. These strangely similar events keep reoccurring, all cycles eventually come to an end in its starting points. Alas, even though they all bear striking resemblances to each other, they each possess their own unique experience. Thus childhood is marked by a feeling of lightness that becomes unbearable once we start approaching adulthood. The yearning for something bigger, greater forces us to start gathering immense quantities of weight that in time becomes to heavy for our shoulder to bear. The fear of losing goes hand in hand with the realization that we can never really own anything, that we came to this world alone and will leave it in the same fashion. Finally this thought completely overpowers us and lifts the heavy weight off our chest, right before the cycle is completed. This relaxation is powerful and completely weightless at the same time; just like passion. The same passion that lends its hand to death and bears with it the birth of an artwork, at this stage freeing itself from the artist and beginning a new life of its own.


Projekt Potopljene poezije pod svojim okriljem združuje različne umetnike iz različnih področij. Vsak je k projektu pristavil svoj kamenček in ga s tem izoblikoval, poglobil. Dokopali smo se do zelo raznolikih umetniških izdelkov, povezanih z enotno idejo: povezati, poglobiti in odpreti oči. 


Art director, concept: Anja Mejač 
Dramaturgy: Pia Vatovec
Choreography: Anja Mejač, Luka Ostrež, Mojca Uršič 
Music: Nejc Kuhar, Ludwig van Beethoven, Arvo Pärt, Alojz Srebotnjak, György Ligeti
Directing consultant: Sara Lucu
Costumography: Katarina Šavs
Scenography: Andrej Kurent
Video: Črt Potočnik
Photography: Ajda Schmidt, Mitja Vasič 
Graphic design: Mashoni


Dance: Anja Mejač, Luka Ostrež 
Poetry interpretation: Voranc Boh
Piano: Ermin Tkalec
Guitar: Aljoša Vrščaj
Cajon: Vasja Štukelj